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In collaboration with Grupo Amber, GeoAI and Zelena, RSTI is aiding in the development of a platform for the management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) traffic in the European dedicated airspace for them (U-Space), through the application of 5G technologies and AI.

U5-SPACE focuses on creating a robust infrastructure via the integration of secure, reliable and low-latency communication links through 5G technology. This infrastructure must ensure an effective monitoring and control of the dedicated airspaces to address key challenges such as conflict management, collision avoidance and the dynamic creation of restricted flight zones (“geofencing”).

With the incorporation of advanced geospatial solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence, the project aims to automate the control of a large volume of remotely piloted aircraft, aligning with the regulatory requirements for U-Space. This solution lays the groundwork for Urban Air Mobility, a future system of aerial transportation on densely populated areas facilitated by electric aircrafts of vertical takeoff. In essence, U5-SPACE emerges as a comprehensive solution, merging cutting-edge technologies to ensure an efficient, safe, and sustainable management of the ever growing number of European airspace systems in the U-Space paradigm.

RSTI is bringing our full expertise on IoT secure communications. Conducting research on the emerging threats and vulnerabilities for the command, detection and inter-communication of UAS, and defining the security measures that must be implemented upon creation of the U5-SPACE platform.

This project is backed by the CDTI Aeronautical Technological Program under a Next Generation grant.