Sonia Solera as finalist of UPM PhD Symposium

Our colleague Sonia Solera Cotanilla has been selected as a finalist to move on to the last phase of the competition “Three Minutes Thesis” of the UPM PhD Symposium. Here you can see her participation.

The Symposium evaluates the quality of the research work and the dissemination capacity of the doctoral students. In the first phase, students had to demonstrate  their ability to synthesise in a short time a clear and attractive message about their doctoral thesis line of work. Showing the importance of scientific dissemination in their research careers. 
After the selection of the finalists, they will face a face-to-face session where they will have to defend their research work and answer questions. Prior to the final phase, the finalists can obtain specialised training given by BigVanCiencia experts.

In the final, a jury will select a first and second prize, as well as a special prize selected by the public. It is open access and non-technical, so anyone interested can attend the final phase, which will take place on 26th May at ETSIST. From this session will come out the winners of the UPM and the representatives of our university in the regional competition that will be held on 2nd June at the ETSIM.

To facilitate the dissemination of the work carried out, the UPM provides a YouTube channel from which you can access all the content of the Symposium