RAYUELA Project – 6th Consortium Meeting 

The 6th Consortium Meeting of the RAYUELA project was held at the beginning of March. All partners met to discuss the status of the work packages and to analyze the overall project situation. This meeting took place in Valencia, thanks to the organization of our Valencia Local Police partners.

The meeting dealt with issues related to the state of development of the serious game and the analysis of the data obtained from the latest pilots carried out last summer and this winter. In this version, the game has been provided with new cyber-adventures that expose the user to realistic online crime situations. In them, the user acts as a spectator, harasser and victim, appealing to the user’s empathy, and the consequences of his or her decisions are explained to him or her during the game.

Our colleagues Manuel Álvarez-Campana and Sonia Solera attended these meetings on behalf of the UPM.

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