VII National Conference on Cybersecurity Research

This week our colleagues Víctor Villagrá, Mario Sanz, Carmen Sánchez, Xavier Larriva and Sonia Solera attended the VII National Conference on Cybersecurity Research (JNIC2022) in Bilbao. The event was held at the Euskalduna Palace from June 27-29, 2022.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) collaborates in the organization of these conferences with the mission to support R&D&I to generate knowledge and technology to respond to the needs and challenges posed by cyberthreats and cyberattacks.

The congress is designed to promote contact, exchange and discussion of ideas, knowledge and experiences between the academic and research network, on the one hand, and professionals and companies, on the other. In this sense, the JNIC brings together expert researchers and practitioners to present innovative perspectives and approaches to the subject, as well as the results of their scientific research with a common nexus: cybersecurity.

The conference focused on two main areas: Cybersecurity Research and Cybersecurity Education Teaching and Innovation.

For our part, UPM presented the following papers:

  • M. Sanz-Rodrigo, M. Álvarez-Campana, S. Solera-Cotanilla, D. Rivera-Pinto y X. Larriva-Novo. “Herramienta de generación de tráfico realista basado en comportamiento de usuario para entornos Cyber Range”.
  • C. Sanchez-Zas, V. A. Villagrá, M. Vega-Barbas, X. Larriva-Novo, J. I. Moreno y J Berrocal. “Sistema de conciencia cibersituacional y gestión dinámica de riesgos basado en ontologías”. 
  • X. Larriva-Novo, V. Villagra, O. Jover, M. Sanz Rodrigo, C. Sánchez-Zas y M. Alvarez-Campana. “Simulador de APTs realistas basado en el marco de MITRE ATT&CK”. 
  • S. Solera-Cotanilla, J. Fúster, J. Pérez, Rafael Palacios, M. Vega-Barbas, M. Álvarez-Campana y G. López. “Análisis de Problemas de Seguridad y Privacidad en Wearables Usados por Menores”. 

In addition, UPM participated in the development of the following articles: 

  • C. Valero, J. Pérez, S. Solera-Cotanilla, M. Vega-Barbas, G. Suárez, G. López y M. Álvarez-Campana. “Evaluando la Seguridad y Privacidad de los Asistentes Personales Inteligentes: ¡Ojo con el Juguete!”. 

And also in the poster session:

  • M. Sanz-Rodrigo, D. Rivera-Pinto, J. I. Moreno-Novella y X. Larriva-Novo. “Diseño de un ecosistema DTN basado en NFV para el análisis de ciberseguridad en redes 5G”.

Finally, Víctor Villagrá was the chairman of the paper presentation session within the topic “User protection mechanisms”.