Cybersecurity 360 for Professionals

RSTI has participated in the design and organization of the “Cybersecurity 360 for Professionals” course, organized by EIT-Digital Professional School.
This is an international joint programme by EIT Digital and UC Berkeley Executive Education taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area, California (US) and in Munich, Germany (Europe)
Cyber-attacks. Potential business impact. Risk assessment. Human factors. Cybersecurity management. Privacy regulations. Cybersecurity is no longer a technology-only issue. It affects almost all functions in your organisation. This program will explore the US and European tech champion approaches to evaluate and face these threats. In this programme designed for senior management, our experts will share with you industry best practices through lectures, business cases, and company visits.
The US Module, delivered by UC Berkeley Executive Education focuses, on the cybersecurity for online, platform, and cloud services. Topics include:
• Corporate cybersecurity
• Topics in cybersecurity for specific technical systems
• Social engineering techniques
• Cybersecurity risk and liability
• Data privacy and security
The European Module, delivered by EIT Digital, focuses on network, manufacturing, and hardware. Topics include:
• Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0
• Network security
• Security in IoT
• GDPR: Compliance, enforcement and consequences
• Cybersecurity governance and management
• Technological threats
Professor Víctor Villagrá has been the Faculty Lead of the European Track of this course, designing the contents and selecting the appropriate lectures from different European organizations