Cybersecurity Technologies in the Naval field

RSTI has participated in the conference on "Cybersecurity technologies in the naval field", held in the auditorium of ETSIT-UPM.

With the presence of the Director del CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán; and the el Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy, Teodoro López Calderón, the conference included a keynote speech by Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer in Telefónica, and a round table moderated by Marina Villegas, director of the state research agency of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and participated by Juan Carlos Batanero, director of C4I Espacio y Seguridad of Indra; Luis Jiménez, general deputy director of the National Cryptological Center; Víctor Villagrá, professor of the UPM and director of the Cybersecurity Master of the aforementioned university and Enrique Cubeiro, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Cyberdefense Joint Command.
They stressed the importance of sensitizing citizens to the risks arising from cyberspace, one of the main objectives of the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

In particular, Víctor Villagrá, RSTI professor, focused on the need of an adquate cybersecurity training for the professionals of the sector, which is now enforced by the different secutity national strategies. He reviewed the different training offers and the main characteritics of a complete training in cybersecurity, including all the strategic and cybersecurity governance aspects, which are key for an adequate cybersecurity policy design and deployment.