Future Students visit Smart CEI Moncloa

A group of potential future students has visited the Smart CEI Moncloa demostration room. Pablo Arias and Fran Barea presented in a didactic way the importance of latest technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data to improve life in cities. They show how the sensor networks deployed indoor and outdoor UPM buildings collect valuable data related to environmental parameters and people activity in the Campus.

Though the Arduino based SmartCitizenKit sensors, the platform collect environmental parametres (temperature, humidity, light, noise, CO and NO2) useful for monitoring air quality both indoors and outdoors. This information can be useful for adjusting climatization and light within the buildings (e.g. libraries and classrooms) , as well as to monitoring the level of pollution in the Campus.

WiFi sensors allow analyzing the main areas of concentration of personnel and students on the Campus, as well as their movement patterns. This information could be useful to adjust class schedules or public transport services (metro, bus, bicycles and car sharing) on the Campus. 

Another case of use of WiFi sensors is for monitoring the occupation of public spaces.  As an example, our students have developed an application that provides real-time information about the occupation level of libraries in the Campus.