Computational Intelligence and The Internet of Things: Towards Real World Solutions for Smart Connected Societies

(Thursday, July 23th, 12:00)

SpeakersFaiyaz Doctor (Ph.D.) and Victor Callaghan (Prof.) (Speakers bios can be found here)

Abstract:  Wireless sensing and distributed embedded computation is fuelling a growth in connected computing artefacts enabling accessibility to new and diverse, multi-modal sources of quantitative, qualitative, environmental and user cantered data. Examples of these data sources include geolocation, social media, online/virtual interaction from personalises devices, human affect and sociometric data. These heterogeneous data sources can be used to contextualise, track and model user preferences, societal phenomena, systems and process. An important challenge is to harmonize and extract meaningful features and associations from these complex data streams for modelling and predicting events, behaviours and conditions. To address this challenge there is a need to develop novel methodologies for pervasive connected sensing, Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data modelling and learning capabilities. The confluence of AI and IoT are explored in this talk through a review of research projects being undertaken and proposed at the Intelligent Connected Societies Group.

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