LEEMCAST is the podcast of the LEEM UPM association, the amateur rocketry association of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. This podcast covers all topics related to the space sector, with special guests who help to investigate all fields of this sector. They also deal with scientific issues from other branches, especially those related to current science.

In short, at LEEMCAST they talk about scientific news, discuss topics of scientific interest, and have a good time, always accompanied by the best guests. LEEMCAST is broadcast live on Fridays.

In this episode, David Gonzalez Bárcena, researcher at the IDR (Instituto universitario de microgravedad “Ignacio Da Riva”), professor at the ETSIAE in the Degree in Aerospace Engineering and in the MUSE and MUIA university master’s degrees, and manager of the HERCCULES project, has been invited to talk about our experiment, HERCCULES, and the REXUS/BEXUS program.

On the other hand, the UPM made a press release to some of the members of the HERCCULES team, where they talk about the experiment, the tests and the launch; as well as the different members that are part of the HERCCULES team.

Here is the full link to the press release: ETSIAE_UPM_HERCCULES


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