As an additional activity to those carried out during the International Workshop “MOVING TOWARDS NEW URBAN CENTRALITIES: MULTIMODAL STATIONS”, the participants were asked to design a Business Plan related to the innovative proposal presented by each group on October 16th.

Stefano Botello presenting his winning business plan proposal to professors Juan de Andrés Almeida and Fabián García.

The presentation of the Business Plans was carried out online by MW TEAMS and consisted of a presentation of about 5-10 minutes and a subsequent question time. The session was conducted by Fabián García and Juan Manuel de Andrés (UPM).

Stefano Botello (ETSI Industriales de Madrid) presented his Business Plan proposal for the winning solution at the International Workshop (Group 3a), which basically consisted of improving the integration of the Príncipe Pío Station with the surrounding green areas and improving the existing information on the places of interest located around the Station.
Stefano’s presentation and question time were both recorded. Stefano presented a solid and well-structured proposal within the time established for it. He answered the questions correctly and showed a proactive attitude.