International Co-Creation Workshops: Benchmarking the Challenge of 15-minute Cities in Europe.

Madrid 25th – 27th September

The 2nd Join Call for Co-Creation Seminars has successfully concluded with the third and final workshop. This three-day event took place from September 25th to 27th in Madrid, organized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

Simultaneously, in Budapest at Budapest University of Tech and Economy (BME) and in Istanbul at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), parallel workshops were executed, following the same structured format as our Madrid event.

During this workshop, the initial two days were dedicated to the students, who engaged in intensive work sessions hosted at the ETSAM. These sessions were guided by our dedicated professors who provided support throughout the process. The overarching objective was to consolidate the wealth of information gathered during prior technical visits in Madrid and Paris, ultimately leading to the formulation of Special Proximity Plans tailored to their respective neighbourhoods.

The last day was dedicated to the final presentations, where representatives from the Neighbourhood Associations and the City Hall of Madrid were invited. One last day to present a summary of the previous workshops, centred on the good Parisian practices that could be extrapolated to Madrid Rio.

An engaging debate emerged among the various stakeholders, ensured thanks to the great efforts of the students. Effort that shows in the extensive work and production of multiple actions.

As we bring the curtains down on the 2nd Join Call, titled “International Co-Creation Workshops: Benchmarking the Challenge of 15-minute Cities in Europe,” we are pleased with the highly satisfactory results achieved. We remain optimistic about the potential for the continued growth of such cross-cultural and interdisciplinary learning experiences, benefiting students from diverse international backgrounds.

Detailed program

WS3: Proposing solutions for implementing the 15-minute city in Madrid Río Results

Seminar presentations

Presentation of the 2nd Join Call

Final Proximity plans Presentation

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