Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucureşti – Partners

Gabriela Elena Dumitran, PhD, graduated in hydroelectric powerplants and environmental protection from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in 1996 and since then joined the same university as researcher and teaching staff. Here, in 2002, she obtained the PhD degree in power engineering. Now as associate professor within the Faculty of Energy Engineering, she holds lectures and applications in Hydrodynamics and Protection of Water Ecosystems, Ecology, Groundwater Hydrodynamic, Hydropower Engineering, Water Quality, Environmental Management, Hydrology, and is Team member of a research team related to these subjects. She is co-author of 11 books, manuals, and guidelines, 21 papers highly recognized (indexed in Web of Science), 21 papers indexed in other scientific databases, Team Leader in 2 and member in other 9 projects (2 international) all of them in the field of reservoirs management, hydropower and water quality.