Events 2021

November , 2021

Science and Innovation week 2021

3VIA is an activity in the framework of the Madrid science and Innovacion Week and the EELISA Aliance that aims at fostering sustainability and responsibility among university members.The proposed event is an international collaboration of three universities under the alliance of EELISA Universities, Istanbul Teknik Universitesi(ITU), Universitatea Politehnica din Bucaresti (UPB), and the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the promise of a fun night of collaborative learning and research.

September, 2021

European Research’s Night 2021

This event was an educational and networking opportunity for college and high school students. The parkour aimed to raise awareness about the circular economy through the completion of three educational challenges (Puzzle!, Defenders of the Earth and Pictionary 3R). Up to 57 participants joined the event and formed groups to solve the proposed challenges and use their creativity to tackle sustainability problems with a Circular economy mentality.