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I recommend to raise

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Have you ever recommended a word to someone? This is going to be my first time. The verb 'raise' is a polysemic one; it has multiple meanings. Even inside our terminology it is. That's why it is so recommendable for us: one word; two very common meanings in Farming.

  • You may raise a crop.
  • And you may raise livestock.

Let us contextualize it by exemplifying with real special language taken from research articles:

  • Many conventional farmers raise legume.
  • Raising beef cattle is a very common practice in USA.

By the way, you may also raise farmed fish, such as Tilapia. Of course! It must be so, because farmed fish is considered as livestock too in many places.

At this stage, you should have understood that 'to raise' can be translated into Spanish as 'cultivar' o 'criar' depending on the direct object next to it.

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