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Foot and mouth disease

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livestock diseases dictionary 001busqueda‘Foot and mouth disease' is the name for a livestock disease. In Spanish it is called: 'Fiebre aftosa'.
Some students translate the term literally into Spanish, i.e. word by word and the final result is a horrible translation.
To avoid this type of translations, technical dictionaries are great! In this case, the 'Lexicon of parasites and diseases in livestock' provides a reliable translation.

By the way, congratulations to 'google translator'!. I´ve searched for a translation there to show that this type of translators does not work with technical translations… and… I got really surprised! Yes a very technical name is well translated!!!
However, specialised glossaries or lexicons, such as the 'Lexicon of parasites and diseases in livestock' are always very advisable.

If you ever need to consult this dictionary, come to see us!, You are very wellcome!


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