Meet us

Meet us

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Some of our members

I lead the laboratory for medical instruction and image-guided surgery. Besides, I am Academic Secretary of the Master on Biomedical Engineering and Coordinator of the Degree on Biomedical Engineering.

Patricia Sánchez González

Coordinator of Health in the City

I lead the Chair on Processes and Technologies for Health supported by UPM and Hospital Ramón y Cajal, and I also have tutored many Final Thesis in this area. I collaborate with companies such as Tunstall TelevidaIristrace and Baobab.

Teresa Sánchez Chaparro

Coordinator of Health in the City

I am a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering and co-director of the Electronic Systems Lab at ETSIT. In addition, I direct the Securitas-Direct Verisure Chair and represent the UPM in the Innovation Platform in Medical and Healthcare Technologies.

Álvaro Araujo Pinto

Coordinator of the domain 'Prevention and Development of Inclusive, Healthy Contexts'

I am the main researcher at the Personalized Medicine and ITC Lab, and member of the Scientific Asessment Comitee on the Spanish Health Informatics Society. I also teach in various Degrees, Masters and Ph.D programs on Biomedical Engineering.

Maria Elena Hernando Pérez

Coordinator of the domain 'Digital Health and Home Care'

I am a PhD Assistant Professor and member of the CIBER-BBN. I have taught at various ETSIT Degrees and Masters and have collaborated with hospitals and medical centers in the specialties of Ophthalmology and Dermatology.

Juan José Gómez Valverde

Co-responsible for the objective 'Challenge-based projects'

I lead the Product Development Laboratory of the UPM and I research in the application of 3D and 4D printing to implant design. I also teach several Bachelor and Master courses at the UPM, related to the development of medical technologies. In them, I like to adopt a PBL (“Project-Based Learning”) approach focused on the design, manufacture and validation of medical devices.

Andrés Díaz Lantada

Responsible for the objective 'Interdisciplinary competitions'

Hi there! I lead the Bioinstrumentation and Nanomedicine Laboratory at CTB, and I am a member of both the Life Support Technologies group (LST) and the Center for Biomedical Research Network for Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine.

José Javier Serrano Olmedo

Responsible for the objective 'Courses and seminars'

I lead the Aging Lab, a joint laboratory with the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Getafe University Hospital. I am also the local coordinator of the EIT Digital Master on Human Computer Interaction and Design.

Elena Villalba Mora

Responsible for the objective 'Co-creation events and exchange activities'

I lead both the Department of Photonic Technology and Bioengineering at ETSIT and the Bioengineering and Telemedicine Group at UPM. I am also president of the Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering and I coordinate the University Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the UPM.

Enrique J. Gómez Aguilera

Responsible for the objective 'Cooperation with academic and professional communities'

I have participated in the European projects Uni-HEALTH (2019), on urban design in active aging and URB-HealthS (2020), on sustainability, urban planning and health in Alcorcón. In 2021 I have collaborated with the Copenhagen Univ. in UrBHealth, a Mooc course on Urbanization and Health. You can find more information on my blog.

Ester Higueras García

Responsible for the objective 'Inclusion challenges'

I am a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, a full professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at ETSIT-UPM and a researcher at the Biomedical Imaging Technologies Group at IPTC-UPM. You can contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

Georgios Kontaxakis Antoniadis

Member of Health in the City