Cookie Policy

Cookies are files with information that are stored in your browser when accessing certain websites. Cookies are used, for instance, to know which pages users visit the most or the time spent on them, as well as remembering personal configurations that improves the user experience in the next visit to the website.

In particular, the following types of cookies will be installed when navigating our web:

  • Strictly necessary. These cookies store information about which cookies have been accepted to avoid asking users in their next visit to the website. You can not turn these cookies off.
  • Third party. We use Google Analytics to measure the number of visits to each page or the average time spent, for instance. This cookies provide us collective information about user habits. This type of cookie is disabled by default, so turning them on would help us improve our website.

Below you will find a detailed description of the cookies employed by Health in the City and their purpose:

pll_languageStrictly necessary1 yearDefault language to set
moove_gdpr_popupStrictly necessary1 yearEither display or not the cookie information banner
_gaThird partyGoogle Analytics2 yearsDistinguish users
_gidThird partyGoogle Analytics24 hoursDistinguish users
_gatThird partyGoogle Analytics1 minuteThrottle request rate

Users can allow, block or delete these cookies at any moment in the Cookie settings menu. You can access such menu by clicking the button placed on the low left corner of any page from this site.

Health in the City reserves its right to modify the Cookie Policy, entirely or partially, if required by the current legislation or to adapt it to the type of cookies active in the website at the moment.