ExperimentaMates+SDG (Athens course 2023)

This year 2023 Citizenship Lab Experimenta Mates in the third edition has become international within the framework of Athens Network. A citizen laboratory will take place in the course “Citizenship laboratory based on mathematics and SDG”.

From November 20 to 24 we will we at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid from 9am to 3pm at Sala de Grados B.

Feel free to join us as collaborators to any of the projects that we will decide on Monday, November 20.

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 ExperimentaMates is a citizenship lab promoted by the community entitled SSERIES (Science for  Suistanably Envisioning Reality and Information for an Engaged Society) within the alliance of  EELISA universities. In fall 2021 we organized the first edition of the citizenship  lab as part of the pilot experience as part of Red de Laboratorios Ciudadanos de la Comunidad de Madrid of universities and research centers with the support of Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d within the framework of “programa Laboratorios ciudadanos distribuidos”, citizenship innovation in libraries and other cultural institutions of the Ministerio de Cultura and Medialab Prado

A citizenship laboratory is a meeting point to experiment and learn where people with a diverse background  cooperate to develop projects to improve the life in common and in the society.

In the 2nd edition (Fall 2022) of the citizenship lab we decided to connect ExperimentaMates with the  Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG)

We focus on bringing together international and national students, professors and researchers to listen, share experiences and build bridges among different universities and the society. The focus is placed on the mathematics to design projects in the framework of SDG with a potential and positive impact on our society. 

Main objectives:

  • Highlight the role of the mathematics as a tool to develop projects related with SDG. Mathematics and sustainability are connected. 

  • Create a meeting point for people with different interests and background to use mathematics to reach the SDG. Mathematics leads the path to reach sustainability. 

  • Involve students with mathematics and SDG to increase the visibility of sustainability at the educational system with the help of mathematics.

  • Explore and analyze the interdisciplinary learning of the scientific curriculum at the universities in connection with the EELISA credential.