New BETA version of Reptate (Release 0.9.3 – 20180719)


A new beta version of Reptate has been released. The new features are:

– New App: to handle and fit TTS shift factors
– New Tools for manipulating how data is represented (draggable to set the order of application)
– New Tools: Integral, Find Peaks, Gradient, Smooth data, set bounds to data, Evaluate Expression, Interpolate/Extrapolate
– New Materials Database (implemented as a Tool); theory parameters are read from the database if the chemistry is available
– New View: i-Rheo for J(t), with oversampling
– Handling of citations
– Bayesian information criterion printed in theory output
– Save to Flowsolve button in RP and BlendRP theories
– Save Maxwell modes in all theories
– Copy/Paste parameters between theories
– Legend settings and autoupdate legend
– Better bug handling (send email to developers)
– Save all views data to a text file
– Shifting of files; handling and saving shift parameters
– Nicer HTML output in Theory and Tools
– Allow calculations and fits to be stopped
– Developer docs: Callback functions
– Zoom (right button and wheel; zoom in and zoom out) and Pan (middle button)
– Dummyfiles to check theory predictions without experimental data
– New NLVE test data
– Allow many plots in the same application


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