New paper in Macromolecules


A new article has just appeared in Macromolecules:

M. Tassieri, J. Ramirez, N.Ch. Karayiannis, S.K. Sukumaran and Y. Masubuchi, "i-Rheo GT: Transforming the time-dependent shear relaxation modulus of materials into their frequency-dependent complex shear modulus without artefacts", Macromolecules Article ASAP (2018)

In the paper, done in collaboration with Drs. Tassieri, Karayiannis, Sukumaran and Masubuchi, we present a new analytical tool for educing the frequency-dependent complex shear modulus of materials from computer-aided numerical simulations of their time-dependent shear relaxation modulus, without the need of preconceived models.

The tool can be downloaded from Manlio Tassieri's site. In addition, it has been implemented as a new View in RepTate.



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