New BETA version of Reptate (Release 0.9.1 – 20180416)


A new Beta version of Reptate has been released today. It contains the following new features:

  • Applications: SANS (Neutron scattering), Creep (creep experiments)
  • Theories:

    • MWD: Generalized Exponential (GEX) & LogNormal distributions
    • TTS: WLF with temperature independent parameters
    • LVE: Branch-on-Branch linear rheology from polyconf file
    • LVE and Gt Theories: dynamic dilution of star polymers, Rouse model
    • NLVE: Blend of Rolie-Poly equations for polydisperse melts, Pom-pom model, Giesekus constitutive equation, Upper-Convected Maxwell constitutive equation
    • Creep: Retardation Modes
    • SANS: Debye function for neutron scattering of ideal polymer chains
    • React: generate polymer configuration with BoB
    • All Apps: basic theories (exponential, polynomial, etc)
  • Views:

    • i-Rheo transformation with tunable oversampling (Gt)
  • Other features:

    • Double click on theory parameter to change its attributes
    • Auto fit when dragging x/y-limits
    • Select format of theory lines

More info and download links here.


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