General information

  • Type: Free Choice. Architecture (Plan 98)
  • Place: ETSA de Sevilla
  • Length: Annual
  • Credits: 8
  • Coordinator: Antonio Lara
  • Teachers: Antonio Lara, Antonio Roig, Jaime de Miguel and Ismael Domínguez


The course is conceived as a transversal approach to the design of wooden structures. The knowledge and skills acquired in previous subjects on projects, construction and structures will be complemented with other specific knowledge on the design and manufacture of wooden structures.

Through play and knowledge, the student will develop a proposal for a wooden structure with architectural value in itself. With the help of specific software, the student will carry out the necessary planimetry for its manufacture and will build a scale model of it using the NC machines of the FABLAB of the ETSA.


The aim of the course is to provide students with the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Current state of the industry and current trends in structural design in wood.
  • Basic principles governing structural design with wood and its calculation.
  • Use of the latest generation of commercial software for the design and manufacture of wooden structures.

In order to achieve these objectives, several tutored course works and several visits to companies in the sector will be carried out. The course will culminate with the design of a structure and the manufacture of its scale model in FABLAB.

Architectural Design of Wooden Structures and Digital Fabrication. 2013-2014