ETSAMadera is an online space that shows the teaching and research activities in the field of timber architecture and engineering of a young group of people from the Department of Building Structures and Physics, at the School of Architecture (ETSAM) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).


The need for a paradigm shift in the way we design, build and live our buildings and cities in order to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and resource consumption is now an unavoidable requirement. Wood has significant environmental advantages over other materials due to its natural and renewable origin, which is favouring a new resurgence of the material in recent years.

The development of structural adhesives and lamination techniques, the appearance of new technological wood-based products and the evolution of digital design and fabrication tools, is allowing the design and construction of timber structures that were impossible until now.

At ETSAMadera, we are committed to the use of timber in construction, especially through its implementation as a structural material, as one of the ways to build more resilient and sustainable cities.

Our teaching work focuses on the design, analysis and sizing of timber structures and the application of new digital technologies. As researchers, we try to point out the value of our territory and promote bioeconomy and sustainable construction through R&D activities related to the design and characterisation of new timber products made of local species and their application in innovative structural systems.