Antonio is assistant professor and researcher at the Department of Structures and Building Physics of the School of Architecture (ETSAM) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). His areas of interest include computational design, algorithmic optimisation, digital fabrication and its applications to timber structures. He is currently working on his PhD Thesis Algorithms for the design and optimisation of wooden Gridshells under the supervision of Dr. Almudena Majano (ETSAM).

Antonio is an Architect by the University of Seville (US) since 2003, specialising in Building. In 2007 he completed the Master of Urban and Regional Planning at the US and in 2013 he obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mechanics of Continuous Media, Theory of Structures and Ground Engineering at the US with the research work State of the art of steel fibre reinforced concrete, structural perspective and development of parametric model of specimens for numerical analysis.

In 2013 he began his teaching activity at the US with the teaching of the subject Architectural Design of Wooden Structures and Digital Fabrication, and has been a guest lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Building Structures at the ETSAM-UPM teaching the module called Parameterisation: Introduction to Grasshopper.

His teaching activity is supported by 17 years of work experience directing his own architecture studio, where he developed projects at different scales, both public and private, some of them winners of public tenders such as the Primary Care Centre of the Andalusian Health Service in La Rinconada (Seville) and the Camino Viejo Civic Centre in Tomares (Seville) together with an extensive activity in structural consultancy and development of structural patents.

In the field of research, Antonio has participated in several R&D projects such as the European Lugo+Biodynamic Project of the LIFE programme and in the National EUCAGRID Project, carrying out the simulations and programming of form-finding and the inter-platform routines for simulation and structural analysis, culminating in the construction of the PEMADE Gridshell. He is currently a researcher on the R&D&I Gridadigtion project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The results of his research activity have resulted, to date, in 1 book chapter, co-authorship of three scientific articles and an oral presentation at the World Congress on Timber Engineering in Chile in 2021, having been invited to the expert round table TIMBER ARCHITECTURE: Integrated tools for design process.

Antonio Roig Vena
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