The objective is to promote sustainable construction through the use of natural low embodied energy materials. It explores the potential of local species with high mechanical performance such as Eucalyptus globulus to be used in shell structures made with elastically curved laths. The project and construction of the eucalyptus triaxial gridshell are developed in the frame of the European Life Project Lugo+Biodinámico

Research Team

Gridshell’s design and struct. analysis:

  • Dr. Antonio J. Lara Bocanegra
  • Dr. Manuel Guaita Fernández

Parametric design:

  • Antonio Roig Vena

Scientific coordination:

  • Dr. Manuel Guaita Fernández
  • Dr. Almudena Majano Majano

Shelves’ design and structural analysis:

  • Jorge Crespo Outes

Architects collaborators:

  • José A. Lorenzana Fernández
  • Belén Feijóo Lomabao
  • José Luis Gómez Royuela
  • Luis Lozano Bodeguero
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PEMADE Gridshell
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