Introduction and presentation

In recent years we have witnessed a growing and worldwide interest in timber construction. In Spain, this interest has awakened a strong interest in many different areas of society, including individuals, companies and institutions. Architects, engineers, planners, builders, carpenters and the general public are strongly attracted to wood.

There are several reasons why wood has become the preferred material in cutting-edge construction design: knowledge of wood as an efficient and sustainable structural material, its advantages and possibilities, standardisation in design and calculation processes, technological advances in manufacturing and assembly, among others. There is an increasing demand for more wood, more projects with wood and more training in wood construction.

In this sense, the research group Construction with Wood of the Polytechnic University of Madrid proposes a specialised training course in Construction with Wood aimed at architects, engineers, professionals and companies interested in building with wood.

The proposed course has a strong technical, theoretical and practical character, and is oriented to the design and execution of wooden structures in new construction, and to the intervention in existing wooden structures. A basic knowledge of structural design and calculation, elasticity and resistance of materials, and construction is recommended. The experience of previous editions allows us to ensure that the course is accessible to all profiles. The teaching staff is made up of prestigious and experienced professionals, who teach a total of 200 classroom hours, laboratory practicals and visits to construction sites and companies. The agenda and timetable have been designed to facilitate maximum compatibility for professionals and students interested in the course.

Detailed information can be found by downloading the complete and updated dossier. ► Download dossier

Technical Information


  • ETSI Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural, UPM.
  • ETS de Arquitectura, UPM.

Dates and schedule

  • 05/04/2018-13/07/2018

Duration and modality

  • 150 net hours of classroom equivalent to 15 ECTS.


  • Ramón Argüelles
  • Miguel Esteban
  • Francisco Arriaga
  • Guillermo Íñiguez
  • Ignacio Bobadilla
  • Almudena Majano
  • Antonio Lara
  • Carlos Osuna

Timber Construction 1st Ed. 2018
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