A new way of using resin test models for teaching the structural behaviour of common building elements is presented. It is proposed that a combination of several tools be used. By recording experimental tests with high definition cameras and processing the images with ARAMIS® software, it is possible to accurately describe the displacement fields and, from them, the stress in the tested elements. Numerical models are also used to compare both results. The correctness of the numerical models can be assessed, and consequently changes can be made to adjust them to the results of the experimental tests. Moreover, as the models respond to widely studied canonical elements, the results are comparable with those expected according to the theory of structures.

Antuña J, Fernandez-Cabo JL, Majano-Majano A, Rasines J. (2014) Visualizing for learning: the use of test and numerical models to teach structural mechanics. 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI), Sevilla, Spain.
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