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Monday, July 17

                        8:00 – 9:30 Registration and coffee

                        9:30 – 9:50 Opening Remarks

First session. Chair: Manuel Alonso Morón

            Main Lecture: 

                        9:50-10:50 Anthony G. O’Farrell


            Contributed talk:

                        10:50-11:15 Paul Barry

                                   Increasing trees and exponential Riordan arrays

Brunch 11:15-12:00

Second session. Chair: Paul Barry

            Main Lecture:

12:00 – 13:00 Tian-Xiao He

            Double Riordan arrays and their compressions

            Contributed talks:

                        13:00- 13:25 Hana Kim

                                   Riordan matrices related to Dirichlet series

                        13.25-13:50 Sung-Tae Jin

A generalization of Riordan arrays and transition probability matrix       

                        13:50-14:15 Ji-Hwan Jung

Horizontal and vertical recurrence relations for exponential Riordan matrices and their applications      



Tuesday, July 18

Third session. Chair: Tian-Xiao He

            Main Lecture: 

                        9:00-10:00 Froilán M. Dopico

Polynomial eigenvalue problems: linearizations and global backward error analysis

            Contributed talks:

                        10:00-10:25 Sheng-Liang Yang

                                   Diagonal sums of Riordan arrays

                        10:25-10:50 Xi Chen

                                   Asymptotical normality of combinatorial sequences

                        10:50-11:15 Huyile Liang

                                   Stieltjes and Hamburger moment sequences in combinatorics

Brunch 11:15-12:00

Fourth session. Chair: José Luis Ramírez Ramírez

            Main Lecture:

12:00 – 13:00 Donatella Merlini

            Riordan arrays methods for combinatorial identities generation

          Contributed talks:

                        13:00- 13:25 Gi-Sang Cheon

                                   On Riordan graphs

                        13.25-13:50 Seyed A. Mojallal

The spectral properties of Riordan graphs  



Tuesday, July 18

            18:00-20:00  Guided tour of historical Madrid.

 Meeting point: Plaza Mayor nº 27 at 17:50.

            20:00-…  4RART Dinner.

                                    Restaurante Los Galayos Plaza Mayor nº 1




Wednesday, July 19


            Free Day!






Thursday, July 20

Fifth session. Chair: Gi-Sang Cheon

            Main Lecture: 

                        9:00-10:00 Luis Verde-Star

Some ideas, results, and problems from the theory of infinite matrices

            Contributed talks:

                        10:00-10:25 Ana Luzón

                                   Banach Fixed Point Theorem and Lagrange Inversion Formula

                        10:25-10:50 Manuel A. Morón

                                   On some bivariate delta-evolution equations

                        10:50-11:15 L. Felipe Prieto-Martínez

                                   The Riordan group in the f-vector problem

Brunch 11:15-12:00

Sixth session. Chair: Donatella Merlini

            Main Lecture:

12:00 – 13:00 José Luis Ramírez Ramírez

            Lattice paths, k-Bonacci numbers and Riordan arrays

             Contributed talks:

                        13:00- 13:25 José Agapito Ruíz

                                    Combinatorics of a generalized Narayana identity

                        13.25-13:50 Louis Shapiro

Riordan group theory

13:50-14:15 Closing Remarks