Creating cartographies and ARUP’s lab visit

Hello to everybody!

Last monday 1st April we finished our program of scheduled seminars with the participation of Pedro Rico Contreras from ESRI and the visit to ARUP’s lab.

First we started the session both with theory and practical cases and examples of ESRI tools applied to many different projects. They are developing fast on 3D modelling and visualization tools in order to understand our territories better and share information in a easier way.

Many of the examples he had shown is a shared and growing experience with different cities and territories, such as Valencia or Madrid. Also the project StoryMaps is another application very interesting and nearer to citizens, with interactive cartographies.

They are now working on 3D visualising, cartographies for NGOs and local associations and they are attracting more interest for developing citizen participation tools too.

Pedro Rico showing 3D visualisation environments that are developing in different cities and territories.

Group picture in the entry of ARUP’s headquarters in Madrid.

In the afternoon we were welcomed by Susana Saiz in ARUP’s new lab where we experimented different accoustic simulations. They have showed us different study cases they have developed in order to test different projects and the accoustic impacts. They have also introduced us to an inmersive experience of virtual reality environment in different sets and with different options for interaction.

This was the last session of the seminars, but next week 8th April we will be presenting the students’ analysis on urban health issues from the poing of view of active ageing. We will count with the participation of different local agents and our partners from Newcastle.

Virtual Reality experiences tested by students.

Meet you next Monday!


UNI-Health Team

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