Newcastle Experiences on Active Ageing

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This last Monday has been a very special day as the Newcastle Team came to our seminar with new perspectives about active ageing and the experiences they are developing in Newcastle.

Team working session in the Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid.

Dr. Dominic Aitken opened the session with an introduction about Newcastle University and the National Innovation Center for Ageing.

Dr. Dominic Aitken introducing Newcastle University and research main focuses.

Barbara Douglas was the first speaker to talk about Active Ageing. Barbara has worked in the field of ageing for many years, focusing on the elderly experience to work on how to improve the quality of life of older people. She shared her perspectives and initiatives held in Newcastle and their citizenship-based policy approach in terms of Active and Healthy Ageing.

Barbara has been engaged with different programs, activities and initiatives for a long time regarding Active Ageing.


In the afternoon, Professor Rose Gilroy and Graham Armitage presented their work on innovation and ageing.

Graham Armitage has shown the main challenges for a older population and introduced the innovation scope to this context. What will be the future in terms of innovation for the elderly? Robots helping and accompanying us? Or a society where care is integrated as part of out daily lives? He gave us a very inspirational and interesting presentation about innovation in Ageing.


Graham Armitage explaining tendencies and data from their research experience in Ageing.

Finally, Professor Rose Gilroy explained her research line about homes for the elderly and how these issues are been implemented in UK. “Future Homes” is a project that looks for an answer to the new challenges and necessities that arose with the ageing of the population.



Rose Gilroy delighted us with an interesting presentation about our future environments and homes, conveived to answer the new necessities of all the population.

The session was closed with a brief panel question to share ideas and discuss open futures for our cities to be healthier, more inclusive and sustainable.

Group picture with Newcastle Team and students.

Next Monday we will have the opportunity to meet Susana Díaz from ARUP and see the implementation of health issues on real case projects! Meet you there!

UNI-Health Team

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