Public spaces for the elderly

Hello to everybody!

After the first visit to Usera during the morning, we continued the seminars in the afternoon.

First, Professor Ester Higueras showed us the importance of a bioclimatic approach in order to design spaces for the elderly. It is needed special attention on the elements of design in order to assure comfort conditions for this sector of the population.

Professor Ester Higueras explaining the bioclimatic charts and strategies for designing comfort public spaces.

There are many elements that we can include in order to design a high quality open space, such as shadow protections, radiation areas, wind barriers, fountains and water elements for refresh the environment in summer, deciduous trees, pergolas or vegetation.

It is important the previous analysis of the climate parameters that define the main characteristics for the spatial study case.

Then, Dra. Cristina Gallego showed us the importance of taking into consideration the perspective of gender in the policies, planning and action. In this context, she focused on the main challenges of the city from the point of view of the care function, active aging and how to address analysis taking into account gender perspective.

Dra. Cristina Gallego introducing the gender perspective when talking about active aging.

We finished the day with some time for sharing ideas for the workshop first activity, which will help us to collect innovative start-ups, apps, IT, technogical and material solutions, etc that contribute to improve the public space from the perspective of active aging for the elderly.

Next Monday we will welcome our guests from Newcastle who will share their local experiences and research with us!

Looking forward to meet you all!

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