In the periphery of Vienna lays the conurbation of Donaufeld, having characteristics from both the rural and the city. New constellations and pliable ways of living arises and the urban population moves out of the cities because of the desire for a more collective and unconventional lifestyle.

The initial hypothesis of the project CO-EXIST is merging co-living, working and sports facilities into a urban dwelling. The project involves addressing the new political ambition for the area, activating and adjusting the current flows, limits and spaces, emerging in a stronger identity. The theme co-existing have been adressed in its architectural form through analyzing different ways of co-living and common spaces. 

The form of the structures has a tribunal character, referring to a sports stadium. The system within each structure, builds up by a grid of 3,5 x 4 meters which helps to layer the different units into private/semi/public spaces. The main point is to focus the undifferentiated common qualities prior to the individual.