HAUSGARTEN ia a neighborhood of affordable green housing in Donaufeld, Vienna. An underground car park creates a car free environment where the residents uses bicycles as transportation. Green spaces are used as a way of linking the community, producing food and as a barrier to generate privacy.

Each housing unit works as an self supplied environmental cycle. The energy produced from the photovoltaic solar panels is used to heat up the house. Rainwater is collected and used to water the plants in the greenhouses. The greenhouses produce food for the neighbourhood and the waste is recycled and then reused as soil and fuel for the plants.

The housing units can be multiplied and expanded over time, following the demand, in different combinations.

The buildings are made of prefabricated, recycled and cheap materials. The money saved in materials is used in amplified living space. Each house is organized with a nucleo of functions, rooms, with a bigger unprogrammed free space, indoor and outdoor, surrounding it. The smaller nucleo can be expended and defined to the free space using curtains.