Professional Workshop

Professional Workshop

The European Network for Accreditation of European Education (ENAEE) is a network of agencies and professional organizations with an interest in the education and formation of engineering professionals. ENAEE addresses specifically the education of engineers, whose importance is increasing in the global economy. ENAEE aims to enhance and promote the quality of the education of engineering graduates in order to facilitate their professional mobility and to enhance their individual and collective ability to fulfil the needs of economies and of society.

UPM has organized an accreditation process training workshop in partnership with ENAEE.

Quality assurance and professional accreditation of engineering educational programmes

This EUR-ACE accreditation training workshop aims to prepare well-qualified engineering degree programme accreditation experts. This training course is delivered by experts who are certified accreditation evaluators and trainers. Participants who successfully complete this course will be ready to prepare their respective universities for international degree programme accreditation (including, but not limited to, the EUR-ACE certificate).

Dates 04/07 – 06/07
Schedule 4/7/ & 5/7 9:00 – 18:00    6/7 9:00-13:00
Directors Alberto Garrido/Luis Ricote
Location ETSIAAB
Delivery format Oncampus