Development of a calculation code for analysis of thermal-strain-and-stress behavior of arch dams.

In this project is being carried out in conjunction with JGICSA (Jesús Granel Ingenieros Consultores S.A.), ENDESA, CIMNE(The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering) and Technical University of Madrid (UPM).Development of a code of calculation for analysis of the thermo-tenso-deformational behavior of archs dams is the main purpose. For that purpose:

  • Concrete curing and temperatures evolution of dams along time.

  • Heat transfer between dam and environment. Solar radiation, nocturnal cooling, convection and long wave radiation.

  • The effect of the joints between the concrete blocks and the union of dam with foundation.

Addiotionally the project has as secondary objectives:

  • The development of a methodology of optimization of the dam’s design and its construction plan.

  • Control of process of construction of dams in real time by means a numeric simulation.

In this sense, the tool comprises the phenomena from dam construction until its service. This will allow a better knowledge of dams: In the case of existing infrastructures, a better knowledge of real safety of it. This will improve decision making. Spain has a total of 1200 dams.

On the other hand, for new infrastructures, the tool will provide an added value for dam’s design such as increased security , optimization of its construction and efficiency in the consumption of raw materials. All this is consistent with parts of this convening, as safe, clean and efficient, energy.



 This R&D project has been funded by: