Dams and reservoirs for everyone

The Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) “Dams and reservoirs for everyone”, performed by the SERPA Group from the Technical University of Madrid, is free of charge and is open for registration.

The course (5 hours/week approximately) started on October 30 and ends on December 17 (2017). You can join anytime during this period.

Is an initiation course to the exciting world of dams and reservoirs. It was designed for any curious person with basic formation but also with the intention of being a useful tool for the formation of civil engineering students and professionals interested in this field. By means of simple ideas, this course pretends to explain what a dam and reservoir are, why they are needed for, which typologies of dams exist and how was its evolution in history, how affects the dam the soil over which it is constructed and, finally, how the currently most common dam typologies work and how they are designed and constructed: gravity dams, embankment dams and arch dams. The educational material consists of videos and multiple-choice tests. A forum allows the discussion of any subject of the course.