User characteristics on the virtual reality presence

In recent years, virtual reality has grown a lot in different areas of application, including ludic, social and research, being used by a large and growing number of users with different profiles. Presence is one of the most distinctive and important features of a virtual reality experience. The aim of this article is to study the most suitable areas of application for users and to analyze the influence of different characteristics of the user’s profile in the perceived presence. We have tested the interest applications indicated by 159 subjects and we have designed an immersive virtual reality experience, testing the behavior and performance of 48 users. The results obtained show that gender can influence the perceptual sensation of presence in these types of virtual environments.

About Jesús Mayor

Jesús Mayor is since 2019 a full-time lecturer and researcher in Politécnica de Madrid University. He received MS degree in Computer Science (CEU San Pablo, 2013), MS degree in Computer Graphics (U-tad, 2014) and PhD degree in Computer Science (Rey Juan Carlos University, 2020) in Madrid. His studies are focused on computer graphics and data science

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