A comparative study of virtual reality methods of interaction and locomotion based on presence, cybersickness and usability

In recent years, virtual reality has experienced notorious technological advances in a quite short time. In an attempt to quickly response to this technical developments, some designs and developments of inmersive environments have caused different symptoms such as dizziness or disorientation. This work aims to analyze different methods of interaction and locomotion used in inmersive environments (Point of Interest, Gamepad, Teleport and Room-Scale) in three different aspects: presence, cybersickness and usability. We have designed and developed an experimental environment to carry out an empirical analysis with 48 subjects comparing the results obtained in different perceptual experiments. As a result, we provide a guideline for the use of these methods of interaction and locomotion in virtual reality.


About Jesús Mayor

Jesús Mayor is since 2019 a full-time lecturer and researcher in Politécnica de Madrid University. He received MS degree in Computer Science (CEU San Pablo, 2013), MS degree in Computer Graphics (U-tad, 2014) and PhD degree in Computer Science (Rey Juan Carlos University, 2020) in Madrid. His studies are focused on computer graphics and data science

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