Water Management and Governance
in Cities (City Blueprint)



KWR Water Research Institute & Utrecht University
Organizations/areas of the university involved

KWR Water Research Institute / Copernicus Institute Utrecht University


Roma Tre University has set up a multidisciplinary course for all students on UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to provide high-level training to shape a more sustainable future.

The City Blueprint® Approach is a diagnosis tool and consists of three complementary frameworks. The main challenges of cities are assessed with the Trends and Pressures Framework (TPF). How cities are managing their water cycle is done with the City Blueprint Framework (CBF). Where cities can improve their water governance is done with the  Governance Capacity Framework (GCF). 

Results and impact measured or expected

An integrated assessment, when done by local students provides an important message to managers and political leaders to take further actions. 

See: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/delopmental-aid-africa-kees-van-leeuwen/

Connection with the SDG framework

SDG 6 and SDG 11

Barriers and follow up

Language, clear questionnaires, and financial limitations. We managed the process with support from KWR, Utrecht University, UNESCO and last but not least working with students

Transferability of the initiative

We have done this work in 125 cities worldwide in 53 countries and most of our work has been done by students