Antonio José Lara of ETSAMadera, Margarita Salas Research Award 2022. Secondary award in the category of Environmental Sciences for his doctoral thesis.

Promoted by the Madrid City Council’s Delegate Area for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Margarita Salas Research Awards 2022 are granted to doctoral theses defended at universities in the Community of Madrid that have stood out for their scientific excellence.

Its aim is to promote research talent in order to boost and strengthen the development of scientific research in Madrid, facilitating the transfer of knowledge between university and society.

In this second edition, to which 490 candidatures have been presented, the professor and doctor Antonio José has won a secondary award in the Environment category for his doctoral thesis “Láminas reticulares de madera deformadas elásticamente. Del material a la construcción”, directed by professors Manuel Guaita Fernández of the USC and Francisco Arriaga Martitegui of the UPM.

The research carried out in the doctoral thesis aims to add value to our territory, promoting the bioeconomy and sustainable construction through the development of wood-based structural products made from local species and their application in innovative and efficient structural and construction systems. Much of the research has been carried out within the framework of the European Life Lugo Biodinámico project.

You can read the news in the Press Room of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid by clicking here.

Antonio José Lara, Margarita Salas Research Award 2022
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