Professor Almudena Majano, from ETSAMadera, was awarded last October, during Architecture Week, in the “Compás de Oro” teaching merit awards in the categories of Best Undergraduate Teaching and Best Second Year Teaching at ETSAM this year. “[…] I would like to thank all of you who decided that I was worthy of these awards. It is a huge personal satisfaction that means a lot to me, and a beautiful memory that I will never forget […]” declares the professor on the ETSAMadera group’s instagram profile.

For years, the ETSAM Alumni Delegation (DAETSAM) has launched this initiative to commemorate and recognise the work of those teachers who teach with enthusiasm and quality. In this way, their work is rewarded, promoting excellence in teaching.

Almudena Majano, winner of the ETSAM’s “Compás de Oro” Teaching Merit Awards