We approach our research with a transversal character focused on timber structural design in a broad sense, covering four interconnected and complementary scales of approach to knowledge. Our areas of research and interest are:

1. Structural systems:

  • Gridshells
  • High-rise buildings
  • Prefabricated systems
  • CLT construction and hybrid systems
  • Composite floors
  • Form-finding
  • Optimisation
  • Machine Learning
  • Complex geometries
  • Advanced structural analysis

2. Development of wood-based products, with special interest in hardwood species:

  • High performance laminated products
  • LVL
  • Sandwich panels for façades

3. Joints:

  • Development of new CNC connection systems.
  • Timber-timber and timber-steel connections
  • Connection for mixed timber-concrete systems
  • Evaluation of splitting strength
  • Finite element modelling

4. Mechanical characterisation:

  • New test methodologies
  • Elastic constants
  • Fracture properties
  • Rheological properties
Research Topics