About me

Welcome to my personal website! I am Paulo, a Doctor of Science in Mathematics and currently holding the position of professor and researcher at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain.

My career spans collaborations with national/international research groups, fostering partnerships with Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Spain. These collaborations have enriched my perspective and broadened the scope of my research endeavors.

My research is focused on Mathematical Analysis and Applied Mathematics. More precisely, I investigate the well-posedness and stability for autonomous/non-autonomous partial differential equations. Within this realm, I specialize in modeling phenomena such as waves, beams, plates, seismic waves, porous-elastic materials, among others.

In addition to my primary research interests, I also devote significant attention to studying long-term dynamics in models spanning the fields of physics, biology, economics, ecology and epidemiology. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to better understand the reality in which we live.

While my work may delve into complex topics, my aim is to make these concepts accessible to all. Whether through teaching or research, I strive to foster understanding and inspire curiosity in the world of mathematics.