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Today Picohima has received the visit of 9 curious attendees who came to learn about fuel cells and other hydrogen technologies.

The act, framed within the program of activities of the Foundation for Knowledge madri + d, has been developed at the Faculty of Naval Architecture. There, visitors have been able to see the live operation of a single cell of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM) and the on-site production of hydrogen with a PEM electrolysis cell. In addition, they were explained the manufacturing process of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) through hot pressing, and different catalyst deposition techniques. Subsequently, they have been shown the developing technologies by the members of the Group:

  • Hydrogen production from seawater and renewable energy.
  • Electrical production plants embarked on underwater vehicles using direct methanol fuel cell systems with a carbon dioxide capture system.

The visit has been guided by Prof. Teresa Leo, accompanied by Prof. Eleuterio Mora, and the doctoral students and teaching assistants Antonio Villalba and Rafael d’Amore.