Information for International Students

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) was established as such in 1971 with the merger of all the higher technical schools that had previously formed the Higher Technical Institute. The UPM now has 18 schools, and 9 research centres and institutes, and 205 departments.

Classed as an International Campus of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid offers degree programmes covering all areas of architecture and engineering. At present, the UPM has over 35,000 students, enrolled in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programmes.

As a university with an international outlook, the UPM attaches great importance to international education. It has signed more than 900 agreements with European universities in respect of the courses it offers under the Erasmu+ programme. It also has understandings with Latin American universities under the Magalhaes programme and agreements with the USA, Russia and China, among others. Every academic year more than 1000 students go on an Erasmus+ exchange to a European university and approximately 700 international students come to the UPM under this programme. We also send about 20 students to non-European countries and host about 70 incoming students under the Erasmus+ programme with partner countries. The UPM regularly hosts about 70 students from Chinese universities and sends about 35 UPM students to China as part of the UPM’s Spanish-Chinese Campus, funded by CSC scholarships or UPM grants.