It is about analyzing the electrical functioning of the senses in man (smell, taste, touch, hearing,sight) and study the electronic systems that are capable of replacing them, either as implants or as external artificial machines that help the person to complete these functions when they are damaged.

Particular attention will be given to the subject of pattern recognition and artificial neural networks and deep learning.

It is also about studying brain / computer interfaces and electrical stimulation systems functional.

Alternative and augmentative communication systems (text-to-speech conversion,
face synthesis, speech to sign language translation etc.)Critical analysis will be made of the new advances in these topics

  1. General introduction to the subject
  2. Nervous system and brain.
  3. Pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and deep learning.
  4. The auditory system, cochlear implants and speech recognition.
    1. Auditory system, perception of sounds, perception of speech, psychoacoustics.
    2. Cochlear implants and auditory brainstem implants.
    3. Speech recognition
  5. The visual system: Visual prosthetics.
  6. The olfactory system and taste: Artificial smell and artificial taste.
  7. The somatosensory system. Somatosensory prostheses.
  8. Speech and artificial speech generation
    1. Speech production, acoustic theory of speech production and speech pathologises
    2. Text-to-speech conversion
  9. Synthesis of faces, communication aids