placo saint gobain

New actions of gypsum's recycling to increase process efficiency and sustainability


The aim of this research study is to document the practices developed in a construction work in which have been arranged measures for the selective separation of laminated plasterboard waste.

There are two phases during the process of PYL waste management:

  • Work process management

  • Recycling process

This Project focuses on work practices in order to optimize the management of waste from PYL increasing its recycling potential.

Among the proposals for improvement within the activities carried out during the construction work,  the following ones can be distinguished:

  • The use of textile tape slings.

  • The transport of whole batches packaged, in order to minimize damage.

  • The minimization of waste, taking advantage of the cuts (with previous planning).

  • The quality of the waste would increase significantly if it is separated by the installer.

  • Acquisition of trays by the contractor with appropriate dimensions for both PYL, as platforms for loading and unloading.

  • It is recommended to assign a responsible for monitoring the management of RCD in work.

IP: García Navarro, Justo.

Participants: De Guzmán Báez, Ana; Jiménez Rivero, Ana.