TechPeopleCare methodology is individual, without groups, without teacher, without expenses to scale the training.
The innovative characteristics of our digital literacy methodology TechPeopleCare are: individualized student centered training (they follow their own speed and schedule); self content audiovisual materials (no teacher) and specific contents to users’ needs and preferences, considering cultural aspects, in their native language and adapted to their skills.
A two-screens procedure, one screen for audiovisual reproduction and another one for the student interaction, is used. This arrangement solves most of the problems associated with traditional face-to-face training (different learning speeds, timetables, the lack of trainers or budget).
Advantages of our methodology
No teacher Reduced cost
No limit of reuse of materials Escalable
High adapted pedagogical quality Effective
Double screen Easy for imitation
(pace, availability, capacity)
Personalize to the student
Specific contents for
local needs and languages
Adapted to each collective
Currently, digital illiterate people in Europe are excluded from e-health services. We pursue their incorporation to digital life by teaching them to access and use e-health services. Our focus was identifying the priorities and needs of social groups without digital competences (such as migrants, seniors, specially women) in the European context and validating with them their needs and contents and the advances in the use of the specifically available e-health solutions.”Thanks to our Connect@healt methodology, we make sure that people can access technology. “
Paticipant in a training pilot of Parla, Madrid (Spain).