Poster “Alfabetización digital en población mayor y población inmigrante de un centro de salud. Proyecto Connect@Health-eit” presented at the 23 rd International Nursing Research Conference at Barcelona (Spain), November 20-22, 2019.
Paper “A methodology for addressing the second-level digital divide. A practical experience” accepted in the 19th IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society (Responsible design, implementation and use of information and communications technology) that was going to take place at Skukuza (South africa), April 6-8, 2020 although it was reduced to the proceeding publication due due to the COVID19 crisis.

“TechPeopleCare” was presented in the stand of the Technical University of Madrid at the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations on Climate Change at Madrid (Spain) December 2-3, 2019.
Presentation of the paper “TechPeolpleCare: Innovative digital literacy training methodology” in the 12th annual International Conference of Education, research and innovation at Seville (Spain), November 11-13, 2019.