Buildings, Infrastructures and Projects for Rural and Environmental Engineering


The BIPREE group can develop research and technological works with agricultural or environmental companies interested in:

Analyze statistically the data they possess and draw conclusions from them.
Adapt your (constructive) products to international standards
Numerically analyze your (constructive) products or parts thereof
Determine mechanical characteristics of unconventional granular materials
Optimize designs or develop new products under patent
Improve your products from an environmental point of view
Study territorial alternatives or optimized locations using Geographic Information Systems.
Design of unconventional green spaces


The BIPREE group has the following equipment:

  • Geotechnical Laboratory:

It is possible to carry out geotechnical and granular materials tests in a laboratory equipped with the main testing machines:
CBR press, direct shear tester, edometer, etc.



  • Experimental silos:

The BIPREE group has three experimental silos with the possibility of measuring pressures on the wall and complementary equipment to carry out the calibration and analysis of the results.

  • Explosion test silo:

Located in a plot with authorization to carry out explosions and with complete instrumentation for the measurement of internal pressures.


  • Instrumentation and field measurement of stresses and deformations of structures:

Installation of strain gauges, fleximeters, load cells, etc.


The BIPREE group manages the following engineering tools:

  • Mechanical calculation software:

The research group has tools for advanced mechanical calculation of all types of structures (finite elements, discrete elements, matrix calculation…).



  • Hydrological software:

The research group works with advanced hydrological calculation programs



  • Geographic Information Systems:

The research group works with modern Geographic Information Systems applied to territorial and landscape problems.



  • Statistical processing:

Tools for statistical data processing are available in the research group.